About Us

At the very start of 2008, high school comrades Rashadd McCants and Dion Jefferies came together to form what is today, an imminent partnership that will ultimately evolve into a legendary brand. After weeks of necessary brainstorming, the two finally came up with a name that described their vision in its entirety: Immaculate Perception, an enigmatic play on loaded vocabulary. The name stems from the story of the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception, birth without any stain of original sin. The two artists see their photography as their personal interpretation of pure reality, free from flaw and error.

Superior image quality, exceptional and reputable service, and marketing throughout Chicago are just a few of the company’s many short term goals. As for the future, Immaculate Perception will be a national brand known for quality photography and exceptional customer service. Immaculate Perceptionmaintains a professional relationship with clients, but a relationship that includes special attention to each client’s unique needs. This focus will remain throughout their journey to become the ULTIMATE artists. Won't you join them? Welcome to ImmaculatePerceptionPhotography.com

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